About Us

Eiicon is a privately owned Australian company established to provide specialised services to both the owners of utility assets and infrastructure as well as any public or private groups that may need to work in the vicinity of these assets.4000work

We specialise in the location of underground power cables, water pipes, gas lines, telecommunication lines or other underground assets. 

Our Air Vacuum Excavation service allows us to physically excavate and evacuate all materials from around all underground assets to provide visual location or access to the item in the safest method available for both the operator and the asset being exposed. Using non destructive Air Vacuum Excavation also allows very accurate excavation with the minimum amount of soil removal. Being a dry excavation method also allows for the re-use of excavated material on site minimising any environmental or diposal problems.


DBYD     TelstraAccredited   
Servicing North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales